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LSGTPA Results From Whitewright

LSGTPA Results from Whitewright

William Whitewright decided that a section of land along the path of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railroad, would be a great place for a town.  So, as the MKT Railroad came to be, the town of Whitewright was established in 1878.  In 2017, it was decided that the town of Whitewright would be a great place for a set of tracks.  Pulling tracks.  So, Whitewright is now home to a set of tractor pulling tracks at the Whitewright Truck & Tractor Pull facility, and home to the 2017 LSGTPA season opener.

The Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association teams, along with the HWH Antique Pullers and Texas Truck & Tractor Pullers Association teams, all converged on the Whitewright Truck & Tractor Pull arena, for a great day of tractor pulling on the dual track facility.  Overcast skies and a slight breeze made for a great day of pulling. 

Kimberlee Stephan wheels the Moody Pulling Team 'Iron Head' tractor at Whitewright.

The LSGTPA Youth Class competitors were first up, to test the tricky track surfaces, made somewhat challenging by recent rains in the area.  Jared Stephan would place his 'Iron Head' tractor in the top spot, with Tatom Robinson scoring a runnerup aboard his 'Little Digger' tractor.  Kimberlee Stephan would score a third place finish for the Moody Pulling Team.  Jacob Hovind and Kaden Wilbur would share driving duty, to place the 'Yes Deere' tractor in fourth.  Cody Doyle would score a fifth place finish, with Lane Duncan wheeling his 'Twisted Kitty' machine to sixth.  Rinn Mayberry would drive to a seventh place scoring, with Lane Duncan placing his 'Texas T-Rex' in eighth place. 

Jared Stephan pilots his 'Iron Head' machine at the LSGTPA season opener.

In Stock Class competition, Claude Lewis would take the win over James Helfferich.  In Hot Stock Class, Kody Langham would take the win, using a Full Pull on the 200 foot track, to secure the top spot for the Longhorn Express Pulling Team.  Mason Hovind and Seth Wilbur would combine to score the runnerup aboard the 'Yes Deere' tractor.  Stetson Bowerman piloted his way to a third place finish, with John Aufdenkamp scoring a fourth place finish.

Kody Langham scores a victory aboard his Longhorn Express Pulling Team tractor, at the Whitewright Truck & Tractor Pull.

In Stock Diesel Class, Jeff Robinson would take the top spot, with Aidan Hovind scoring a runnerup finish for the Mean Green Pulling Team camp.  Gary Bramlett would take a top three finish in the class, aboard the 'Warthog' machine.   In Big Stock Class, Jerry Toland would wheel the 'Triple Deuce' tractor to victory, with James Helfferich scoring second place.  John Aufdenkamp would take third place for the Outlaw Pulling Team, with Gary Bramlett taking the 'Amuck' tractor to a fourth place scoring. 
Aidan Hovind wheels his Stock Diesel Class entry, during LSGTPA competition in Whitewright.

Michael Mayberry would take his 'Pulling For Peanuts' tractor to the top spot in Stock Altered Class competition.  Steve Pierce would place his 'Buzzards Roost' machine in the top spot in the Outlaw Class.  In the Mini Rod Class competition, Jerry Toland would score the win aboard his 'Shinin Time' tractor.  David Houchen would wheel his 'Back In The Day' machine to the runnerup position.  Colby Crowe would finish with a third place scoring aboard his 'Weekend Warrior' machine.

David Houchen pilots his 'Back In The Day' tractor, during Mini Rod Class action at the Whitewright Truck & Tractor Pull.

The wild Super Rod Class would see Ken Langham and his 'Psycho' tractor take the top spot in the field.  Tommy Kimmons would wheel the 'Fired Up' machine to a runnerup finish.  Randell Moody and his 'Ridge Runner' tractor, would pull to a third place finish for the Moody Pulling Team.

Ken Langham wheels his 'Psycho' tractor to a win, in Super Rod Class competition at the Whitewright Truck & Tractor Pull.

The LSGTPA teams will prepare for the Delta County Livestock Show & Fair pulling event, scheduled for a 2pm start in Cooper, Texas on Saturday April 8th.  For more information and event details, visit

Lane Duncan pilots his 'Texas T-Rex' machine, during LSGTPA competition at the Whitewright Truck & Tractor Pull.

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