Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Rockdale Fair and Rodeo LSGTPA Tractor Pull Results

Rockdale Fair and Rodeo LSGTPA Tractor Pull Results

The Rockdale Fair and Rodeo weekend marks the end of the 2013 season for the Lone Star Garden Tractor Pulling Association teams.  The final event, held in conjunction with the closing weekend of the Rockdale Fair and Rodeo, is contested on the Texas Hall of Fame recognized horse racing track, at the historic Rockdale Fairgrounds.  The sand and clay track, makes for a great pulling surface and provides plenty of action for the LSGTPA pullers and fans.  First to take to the track, are the LSGTPA Youth Class competitors.  Jared Stephan took the class win, with Kody Langham scoring the runner-up.  Bryson Richards took the third spot with Lane Duncan placing his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor in fourth.  Jared Stephan returned to pilot the tractor of Korben Colley-Greer to a fifth place finish, with Mason Hovind scoring a sixth place finish aboard the 'Yes Deere' machine.  Megan Baird rounded out the field of Youth Class pullers, with a seventh place scoring.

Stock Class was led by Tyler VanBeber taking the win, with Alton Degner a close second.  Aidan Hovind pulled  to a third place finish, with Garin Mason scoring the fourth place spot, just six inches back.  Aidan Hovind returned aboard the 'Yes Deere' tractor, to place fifth while Chris Harper pulled to a sixth place finish.  Claude Lewis turned in a seventh place pull, while Skeet Degner and Curtis Felps rounded out the top ten.  In Stock Diesel, Ken Langham Jr. took the victory with Steve Hovind scoring the runner-up.  Big Stock saw Patrick Bramlett taking the title, with the points leader Connie Jesko scoring second place.  John Aufdenkamp pulled to a third place finish, with Alton Degner pulling to fourth.  Chancy Williams wheeled his tractor to a top five finish, just five inches ahead of the 'Texas Thunder' tractor piloted by Kolby Langham.  Tyler VanBeber took a seventh place finish, with Jerry Toland and the 'Triple Deuce' scoring the eighth spot. 

In Stock Altered, Alex Jesko led the field with Garin Mason pulling to second place.  Michael Mayberry scored a third place pull, with Ken Langham Jr. pulling to the fourth position.  In the Motorcycle Class, it was Steve Pierce for the win, Todd Hickerson with the place, and Paul Smith with the show.  In the Outlaw Class, John Aufdenkamp rode his 'Three of a Kind' triple engine tractor to the victory.    Chancy Williams took the second spot with Todd Hickerson placing third.  Paul Smith scored a fourth place finish.  In the Mini Rod class, Jerry Toland piloted his 'Shinin Time' entry to the win, and sealed his 2013 season points championship.  David Houchen drove 'Back In The Day' to a runner-up finish, while Sarah Moody took the '99% Moody' tractor to third.  Colby Crowe scored a fourth place finish aboard his 'Weekend Warrior' machine.  The Super Rod tractors closed the show, with Randall Moody taking the win aboard his 'Ridge Runner' tractor.  Donny Mayo scored the runner-up position, aboard his 'Blackfoot Squaw' tractor and John Kiemele rode 'Dodge This' to a third place finish. 

With the Rockdale Fair and Rodeo event in the books, the teams will salute the champions and prepare to take to the tracks again in 2014.  Visit the website, to stay up to date on LSGTPA tractor pulling news. 
Alex Jesko scores a win at the Rockdale Fair and Rodeo tractor pull.

Connie Jesko pulls to a runner-up finish, at the LSGTPA tractor pull in Rockdale.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rockdale Fair and Rodeo Tractor Pull

The LSGTPA tractor pulling teams prepare for the final event of the 2013 season, as the Rockdale Fair and Rodeo hosts the pullers on Saturday, October 19.  The drivers will compete on the historic Rockdale Fairgrounds horse racing track, with the event scheduled for a 12 noon start.
Visit for more details about the weekend festivities.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Farmersville Old Time Saturday Tractor Pull Results

Back in 1849, settlers formed a community and chose a name for the common occupation of the group.  Today, this community known as Farmersville, celebrates the town heritage with the 'Old Time Saturday' celebration each October.  Farmersville became a major shipping point for cattle and bois d'arc posts, and the Kansas City Southern Rail Line still runs through town.  The Lone Star Garden Tractor Pulling Association teams also run through Farmersville, in conjunction with the 'Old Time Saturday' event.  Staged along the railroad tracks, the LSGTPA pullers gathered to compete for class titles on the cool and damp Saturday, at high noon.  The well prepared 200 foot track, provided for some great pulling action for the Farmersville crowd. 

The action began with an outstanding National Anthem presentation by Alli Trusty, during opening ceremonies.  The Youth Class then took to the track, with Jared Stephan pulling to the win by a margin of one foot, over the 'Texas T-Rex' entry of Lane Duncan.  Kody Langham placed his Bonham Service Center Cub Cadet in the third place, less than one inch behind Duncan.  The top three pullers recorded Full Pulls in the opening round !  Cassidy Bramlett wheeled her 'Nacho' tractor to the fourth place spot, with Mason Hovind pulling the 'Yes Deere' John Deere to a top five finish.   Jared Stephan piloted the Korben Colley-Greer tractor to a sixth place finish.  

In Stock Class, Garin Mason took the title, by a margin of nine inches, over the runner-up entry of Steve McCarley.  Aidan Hovind placed third aboard his 'Yes Deere' tractor, with Kolby Langham finishing fourth.  Claude Lewis finished in the top five, with Alton Degner and Skeet Degner placing sixth and seventh.    In Stock Diesel, Steve Hovind took the win over Ken Langham, Jr.   In the Big Stock Class, John Aufdenkamp took the victory, with Chancy Williams placing second.  Patrick Bramlett piloted his 'A-Muck' tractor to third place, with Alex Jesko pulling to a fourth place finish.  Alton Degner pulled to a top five scoring, with Jerry Toland finishing sixth aboard  the  'Triple Deuce' tractor and Kolby Langham placing seventh. 

The Stock Altered Class saw Alex Jesko take the victory, with Garin Mason pulling to the runner-up position, just three feet behind the leader.  Michael Mayberry and his 'Pulling for Peanuts' entry placed third, with Ken Langham, Jr placing fourth.   The Motorcycle Class title was taken by Steve Pierce, aboard his 'Buzzards Roost' tractor.  Paul Smith turned in two solid pulls aboard his new tractor, to record a runner-up finish, while Todd Hickerson finished in the third place spot.    In the Outlaw Class, John Aufdenkamp led the field aboard his triple engine 'Three of a Kind' tractor.  Paul Smith returned to pull with the Outlaw Class, and scored his second runner-up finish of the day, while adjusting to his new tractor.  Todd Hickerson overcame some mechanical issues to place third, followed by Chancy Williams and Ken Langham, Sr.,  scoring top five finishes. 

The wild Mini Rod Class title belonged to Jerry Toland and his 'Shinin Time' tractor, followed by Colby Crowe aboard his 'Weekend Warrior' machine.  Tommy Kimmons placed third with Sarah Moody piloting her '99% Moody' John Deere to the fourth place position.  The Super Rod Class tractors closed the show, with points leader James Moody taking his home track victory aboard 'Varoom'.  Randall Moody piloted his 'Ridge Runner' tractor to the runner-up position, with John Kiemele taking his 'Dodge This' tractor to a third place finish.  Donny Mayo scored a fourth place pull aboard his 'Blackfoot Squaw' tractor, and Steve McCarley scored a top five finish aboard his 'ScatCat' machine. 

The Old Time Saturday event in Farmersville was a great show with plenty of action.  The LSGTPA teams will now take the trail south, to close out the 2013 season at the Rockdale Fair and Rodeo on October 19th.  For more information on the LSGTPA, please visit the website at .