Tuesday, September 19, 2017


LSGTPA teams will roll into Farmersville, Texas on Saturday, October 7th, for a pivotal event of the 2017 Championship Series.  Teams from across the state and surrounding area will converge on Rike Street Park, for two rounds of exciting LSGTPA tractor pulling.

Over 30 teams are expected to compete, as the 2017 LSGTPA Championship titles for each of ten classes are up for grabs.  The Farmersville event is the next to last event in the season, and most classes are still undecided.  Drivers and machines will be pushed to their limits at this event, as the final push for 2017 Championships will be in full swing.

Opening ceremonies are set for a high noon start, featuring Texas performing artist Sydnee Hawkins with our National Anthem presentation. 

Mark your calendars for this one !!  You wont want to miss a full day of fun and entertainment in Farmersville, during Old Time Saturday !!

Sydnee Hawkins will perform our National Anthem during LSGTPA opening ceremonies.

LSGTPA pulling teams will compete at the Old Time Saturday Tractor Pull in Farmersville on October 7th.
Ground pounding excitement will be a part of the Old Time Saturday event, at Rike Street Park in Farmersville.

High horsepower entertainment will be on display at Rike Street Park, as LSGTPA teams compete in two rounds of tractor pulling action.

Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull Results

Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull Results

Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association teams rolled into Blue Ridge, Texas for the eighth stop of the LSGTPA 2017 Championship Series.  Teams from across the state converged on the blackland prairie town, to battle for class titles in two rounds of exciting tractor pulling action. 

Originally named Pull 'N Tug until 1860, Blue Ridge is home to the 16th Texas Cavalry, the Blue Ridge Tigers, and Cattlemans CafĂ©.  The blackland prairie surface made for a very tricky track surface for the LSGTPA pull and tug competition, as pulling teams found plenty of traction during the opening round.  The very well prepared track had sufficient moisture, to provide a very sticky surface, which allowed pullers to put down as much power as they could, with some wild results.

Opening the show would be the LSGTPA Youth Class competitors.  Lane Duncan would pilot his 'Twisted Kitty' into the top spot with the victory.  Brandon Stewart would steer the 'Yes Deere' tractor to the runnerup position, with Lane Duncan wheeling his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor onto the podium in third.  Jared Stephan would ride his 'Iron Head' machine into the fourth place position for the Moody Pulling Team.  Rinn Mayberry would debut his new tractor, pulling to a top five finish.  Kaden Wilbur would post a sixth place finish aboard his 'Ugly Duckling' tractor, with Noah Moody pulling to a seventh place finish.  Seth Wilbur would post an eighth place finish in a very tough field of Youth Class pullers.

In OEM Stock Class, Kody Langham would take the victory for the Longhorn Express Pulling Team.  Claude Lewis would wheel his 'Old Yeller' tractor into the runnerup position, with Steve McCarley posting a third place podium finish.

In Hot Stock Class, Madison Bowerman would use two great passes to place her 'Instigator' tractor in the top spot.  John Aufdenkamp would wheel his Outlaw Pulling Team entry into the runnerup position, less than four feet behind the leader.  Aidan Hovind would pilot his 'Yes Deere' tractor into the third place position for the Mean Green Pulling Team camp.  Kody Langham would place his Bonham Service Center entry into the fourth place position on the night. 

Stock Diesel Class action would see Patrick Bramlett taking the title, aboard his 'Warthog' machine.  The A-10 Thunderbolt themed tractor would use a Full Pull in the final round, to seal the win.  Aidan Hovind would place his 'Buck Shot' diesel tractor, into the runnerup position in the smoker class.  In Big Stock, Patrick Bramlett would double up on the night, placing his 'A Muck' tractor in the top spot.  Jerry Toland would wheel his 'Triple Deuce' machine into the runnerup spot, with Kody Langham working his way into the third place podium position for the BSC Team.  John Aufdenkamp would place his Outlaw Pulling Team entry in fourth. 

The Stock Altered Class title would be taken by Michael Mayberry, aboard his high winding 'Pulling For Peanuts' tractor from Seguin, Texas.  In Outlaw Class competition, Paul Smith would take the class title aboard his 'Texan' tractor, from Morgans Point Resort.  Steve Pierce would take the runnerup spot, aboard his 'Buzzards Roost' machine, after suffering driveline breakage in the opening round.  Steve Hovind would debut his new 'Bad Idea' turbo diesel machine, posting a third place podium finish in the class. 

The Mini Rod Class put on a great show, with Jerry Toland taking the win aboard his 'Shinin Time' machine.  Colby Crowe would pilot his 'Weekend Warrior' tractor to the runnerup position, with two great passes on the sticky track.  David Houchen would place his 'Back In The Day' machine on the podium in third.  Sarah Crowe would wheel her turbocharged,  '99% Moody' machine, to a fourth place finish.

Super Rod Class tractors would close out a great show, with Ken Langham Sr. taking the crown aboard his 'Psycho' tractor, using two wild passes to seal the deal.  Steve McCarley made two consistent pulls to combine for the runnerup honors aboard his 'Scat Cat' machine.  Ken Langham, Jr. would score a Full Pull aboard his 'Sneaky Snake' tractor, on a great final round pull, to post a third place podium finish.  Randell Moody would place his 'Ridge Runner' tractor in fourth place for the Moody Pulling Team.  Stetson Bowerman would debut a new Chevrolet LS powered tractor, with drive train issues limiting the team to a top five finish.  John Kiemele would take a wild ride out of bounds on the tricky track surface, with the boundary infraction resulting in a DQ and a sixth place posting for his 'Dodge This' tractor. 

LSGTPA teams will check the bolts and top off the tanks in preparation for the next event, to be contested during the Old Time Saturday celebration in Farmersville, Texas on October 7th.  Visit www.lsgtpa.com for event details.