Friday, December 19, 2014

National Anthem Performers Take Center Stage at LSGTPA Shows

The Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association was founded in 1999, as a group dedicated to sharing in the fun and promoting the sport of tractor pulling.  The group members have a passion for the sport, and share in the excitement that comes with each and every show.  Each and every LSGTPA tractor pulling event, begins with opening ceremonies that include a salute to our Nation's flag, and a performance of the National Anthem.  The National Anthem performance is an important part of each event, and the LSGTPA is proud to have had some great performers deliver the song to fans and competitors.

Haley Harrelson began the recent focus on LSGTPA live performances, with her outstanding delivery of the National Anthem in 2010.   During opening ceremonies of the Hunt County Fair event in Greenville, Texas, Harrelson performed in front of the fair crowd, and wowed the fans with her stirring rendition of the Anthem. Harrelson began singing at an early age, in Sulphur Springs, Texas, and was winning contests by the age of ten.  She traveled and performed with Vince Vance and the Valiants for three years.  The Texas performer and recording artist headlined shows at Forney Opry, and would go on to tour with the band Rowdy Drive.  The talented Harrelson, has an incredible vocal range, and a powerful voice, able to carry songs from genres of blues, country, rock, and gospel.  Harrelson would set the bar high, performing for multiple LSGTPA events in 2010 and 2011.  The LSGTPA fans may see a return of Harrelson in 2015 !

Haley Harrelson performs the National Anthem during the Hunt County Fair in Greenville, Texas.

Haley Harrelson performs the National Anthem during the Hunt County Fair LSGTPA event.

Haley Harrelson onstage at the Forney Opry.

Rising star Amber Carrington would stop by the Hunt County Fair, in 2012, with National Anthem performances on both Friday and Saturday night shows.  This talented music artist of Rockwall, Texas, began singing by the age of 9, and frequented a variety of venues including Rodeo City Music Hall, Grapevine Opry, and Johnnie High's Country Revue.  After winning talent contests locally, including Big D Opry at Gilley's and Rockwall's Got Talent, Carrington would take the country by storm, with a semi-finals finish on NBC's top rated show, 'The Voice'.  The Texas native now resides in Nashville, writing and recording with award winning country musicians and singers.

Amber Carrington performs the National Anthem during the Hunt County Fair.

Amber Carrington 

Amber Carrington

Amber Carrington

Up and coming talent Bailey Melvin, would take to the LSGTPA stage in 2012, performing in Blue Ridge, Texas during the Bill Halter Memorial Pull.  Since her National Anthem debut performance, Melvin has returned to perform each year for the LSGTPA, and has recorded over eight National Anthem performances for the LSGTPA events.  Melvin was part of the first duet performance of the National Anthem for the LSGTPA, when the talented singer enlisted the assistance of Morgan Dellow for three events in 2013.  The pair delivered amazing performances each time, with complimentary voices providing great harmony.  Melvin continues to arrange her time for LSGTPA performances, and will be on the 2015 LSGTPA schedule.

Bailey Melvin performs the National Anthem, during the Bill Halter Memorial Pull in Blue Ridge, Texas

Rising star Bailey Melvin, performs the National Anthem during the Bonham Heritage Day LSGTPA tractor pull.

Bailey Melvin

Ashliegh Lisset would deliver the National Anthem for the LSGTPA event in Farmersville, Texas in 2012. Hailing from Dallas, Lisset has been passionate about her music since the age of 12.  The singer-songwriter has recorded multiple original works, and has had great success with several singles, including 'Target On My Heart',  'Kill The Headlights', and 'Its OK To Lie'.  Lisset would perform during the Farmersville event, having just recovered from illness, and in cold weather.  Lisset delivered an incredible performance, sporting a #83 jersey for the Texas T-Rex LSGTPA pulling team !  Lisset continues to work on making her dreams come true, performing and recording in Nashville.

Alli Trusty would make her LSGTPA debut performance of the National Anthem in Farmersville as well, delivering an outstanding rendition to open the show in 2013.

Ashliegh Lisset performs the National Anthem during the Farmersville Old Time Saturday LSGTPA event.

Ashliegh Lisset tries on the Texas T-Rex, after her National Anthem performance in Farmersville, Texas

Ashliegh Lisset visits with Lane Duncan, after her National Anthem performance in Farmersville.

Ashliegh Lisset

Many of the amazing performers that stop by the LSGTPA events, are making their first appearance at a tractor pull.  Most of these talented artists find the events fun and entertaining, and many stay to watch the competition before heading down the road to pursue their music interests.  But, at least one talented young singer had other plans.  The multi-talented Chloe Brown, made her LSGTPA National Anthem performance debut in Bartlett, Texas in 2013.  After her awesome performance during opening ceremonies, this young lady entered the Youth Class competition, and pulled to a top three finish !

Chloe Brown

Chloe Brown

In 2014, local high school talent was showcased at several LSGTPA events.  The inaugural Delta County Fair and Livestock Show, in Cooper, Texas, featured the vocal talents of Micalyn Rowe during the opening ceremonies.  Rowe is a Cooper High School Band Drum Major and choir member, with an outstanding vocal talent.  Rowe is a featured National Anthem performer at Cooper High School football games and various sporting events in the area.

Micalyn Rowe performs the National Anthem at the LSGTPA event in Cooper, Texas.

During the Bonham Heritage Day Tractor Pull, Grace Johnson delivered an outstanding National Anthem performance, representing the Bonham High School Choir.  Johnson was among an award winning chorale group at Bonham High School, and as a freshman, earned a Superior Rating during Division 1 Regional UIL competition.  With short notice of the event, Johnson delivered an impressive rendition of the Anthem, much to the delight of her hometown crowd.

Grace Johnson delivers the National Anthem, during the Bonham Heritage Day Celebration Tractor Pull.

Grace Johnson visits with Lane Duncan, after her National Anthem performance in Bonham, Texas.

During the Johnson County Antique Tractor Pulling event in Alvarado, Red Oak High School Choir member Payton Le'ann Alaniz delivered an outstanding  performance of the National Anthem during the opening ceremonies.  Alaniz has an amazing gospel singing talent, and can channel that gift into stirring country performances.  Alaniz' recent cover of the Miranda Lambert hit, 'More Like Her', scored a finalist appearance during a recent Red Oak Talent Contest.

Payton Le'ann Alaniz with the National Anthem presentation in Alvarado, Texas.

Payton Le'ann Alaniz 

The DeLeon Peach and Melon Festival Tractor Pull featured an awesome performance, with a dash of royalty.  After her crowning as De Leon Peach and Melon Festival Queen, Payton Williams made her appearance to open the event, with her outstanding rendition of the National Anthem.  Payton was accompanied by her mother, Paige Williams, as the awesome duet opened the show for the pullers and fans.  The duo delivered a great performance to kick off a great day of tractor pulling.

Payton and Paige Williams perform the National Anthem, during the DeLeon Peach and Melon Festival Tractor Pull

Payton Williams performed the National Anthem, after being crowned Deleon Peach and Melon Festival Queen.

The super talented Emily McCoy made her LSGTPA appearance in 2014.  Her flawless performance of the National Anthem during the Rockdale Fair & Rodeo LSGTPA event, was the first of three on the day, for the singer.  Her smooth sound and confident delivery, makes performing the National Anthem sound easy, and sends chills through the crowd during her amazing presentation.  One of the top National Anthem performers in the state, this country artist is no stranger to the stage, as she has recorded multiple finalist appearances during the annual 4-H Has Talent Competition in Texas.  McCoy was titled Miss Rockdale in 2013, and has made appearances during the NBC show 'The Voice' auditions. Performing regionally since kindergarten, this amazing artist can be found performing occasionally throughout Texas, and is certainly worth the admission of any event.

Emily McCoy

Emily McCoy delivers the National Anthem during the Rockdale Fair & Rodeo LSGTPA tractor pull.

Emily McCoy

The LSGTPA would like to thank these music artists, and all of the National Anthem performers that have delivered 'The Star-Spangled Banner' for the pulling events.  These performers, and others, have provided the LSGTPA with their talents and abilities, and have added a great component to the LSGTPA events.  Not only do these performing artists add such a great feature to the show, these singers help to properly salute our Nations flag, and honor those of this great country who have provided for the freedoms that we all enjoy.

As the 2015 schedule is finalized, the LSGTPA will work to arrange for talented artists to open each and every event, with the performance of our National Anthem. We salute those who have performed for the LSGTPA events in the past, and look forward to showcasing the talents of those who perform in the future events !