Monday, May 20, 2013

LSGTPA at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children Farm and Ranch Day

The Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children hosted a Farm and Ranch Day event at Reverchon Park, for TSRHC children and their families on Saturday May 18th.  The event was the 15th annual gathering of agricultural themed activities and displays for the children, and provided a load of fun for all involved.  The hard work of the event organizers was awarded by many smiles throughout the day, and the LSGTPA 'Texas T-Rex' pulling team was proud to be a part of the fun.  Lane Duncan was on hand to provide autographed 'Texas T-Rex' action photos, and explain a little about tractor pulling and the mechanics of his tractor.  The team also applied 'Texas T-Rex' tattoos and provided LSGTPA 2013 pulling schedules, along with LSGTPA information cards.  This was an awesome event, and we were excited to be able to contribute.

LSGTPA display at Reverchon Park

Lane Duncan signs autographs at TSRHC Farm and Ranch Day event.

A young lady visits the LSGTPA display at Reverchon Park, during TSRHC Farm and Ranch Day.

The LSGTPA display was a popular hangout during the TSRHC Farm and Ranch Day event.

Tractors and tattoos at Reverchon Park, during TSRHC Farm and Ranch Day.

The 'Texas T-Rex' pulling team was on hand to apply tattoos at  the TSRHC Farm and Ranch Day event.

Another 'Texas T-Rex' tattoo customer, at the LSGTPA display in Reverchon Park.

A young pulling fan tries out the 'Texas T-Rex' at the TSRHC Farm and Ranch Day event in Reverchon Park, Dallas.

Lane Duncan with a few new friends, at the LSGTPA display in Reverchon Park.

Lane Duncan signs autographs for young tractor pulling fans at Reverchon Park.

LSGTPA at Reverchon Park, during the TSRHC Farm and Ranch Day event.

A young tractor pulling fan tries out the cockpit of the 'Texas T-Rex' pulling tractor, at Reverchon Park,

Young pulling fans were treated to a little seat time, aboard the 'Texas T-Rex', during the TSRHC Farm and Ranch Day event.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

LSGTPA Season Opener Results from Bonham

LSGTPA Season Opener Results from Bonham Texas

Bonham, Texas was home to the Texas and Pacific Railroad Divisional Roundhouse in 1881.  It was here that railroad engines would be serviced and repaired, positioned on the brick T&P Railroad Turntable, and returned to service freshened and anew.  Just a few yards from the remnants of the old railroad turntable, the Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association machines were rolled out and returned to service during the 2013 season opening event, held in conjunction with the Bonham Heritage Day celebration. 

Opening ceremonies included an outstanding presentation of our National Anthem, delivered by Bailey Melvin and Morgan Dellow in an awesome duet performance.   Mason Hovind then made his LSGTPA pulling debut in grand fashion, with a win in the Youth Class, aboard his 'Yes Deere' John Deere entry.   Lane Duncan, aboard his ' Texas T-Rex', turned in a Runner-Up finish and Aidan Hovind posted a third place finish.  Cassidy Bramlett took her 'Nacho' tractor to a fourth place finish, with Jared Stephan scoring a top five pull.  Kody Langham and Aston Atkins rounded out the top of the highly competitive Youth Class pulling field.

Steve McCarley took the Stock title, with Alton Degner and Claude Lewis, Sr. placing second and third.  Skeet Degner pulled to a fourth place spot, just inches in front of Jarod Howdeshell and Kolby Langham.  In the newly formed Stock Diesel class, Ken Langham Jr. pulled his Bonham Service Center tractor to the victory.  The Big Stock field was topped by Alex Jesko, with Shawn Aufdenkamp scoring a second place finish.  Patrick Bramlett finished third, with Jerry Toland and Kolby Langham scoring top five finishes.  Alton Degner rounded out the Big Stock tractor entries. 

Alex Jesko doubled up, with a win in Stock Altered, over the 'A-Muck' entry of Patrick Bramlett and the 'Pulling for Peanuts' machine of Michael Mayberry.  Ken Langham took the victory in Super Stock Class, and Steve Pierce took the title in the Motorcycle powered class, with 'Buzzards Roost'.  The Outlaw Class title was taken by John Aufdenkamp's 'Three of a Kind' triple engine tractor, over Ken Langham Sr.'s 'Going Green' electric powered machine. 

The wild Mini Rod class saw two full pulls, with David Houchen taking the win over Jerry Toland's 'Shinin Time' tractor.  Colby Crowe finished in the third place position aboard his 'Weekend Warrior' machine, by a margin of less than one inch, over the '99% Moody' tractor of Sarah Moody.  In the Super Rod Class, James Moody pulled to the victory, with Donny Mayo and Randall Moody placing second and third.  Tyler McCarley and John Kiemele turned in top five finishes to begin the season.

The LSGTPA teams have left the old T&P Railroad roundhouse site in Bonham,  with the next stop scheduled for the Hunt County Fair in Greenville, Texas on June 7 and 8.

Bailey Melvin and Morgan Dello perform the National Anthem.

Bailey Melvin and Morgan Dello deliver the National Anthem during opening ceremonies.

Lane Duncan aboard the 'Texas T-Rex' pulling tractor, during the Bonham Heritage Day celebration pull.

'It'll Do' pulls the LSGTPA sled downtrack during the Bonham LSGTPA event.

'Ridge Runner' on a pass in Bonham, during the Heritage Day tractor  pull.

Ken Langham, Jr. debuts his Stock Diesel tractor in Bonham , Texas.

'Triple Duece' working hard on the Bonham pulling track.

'Weekend Warrior' turned in a great finish at the Bonham LSGTPA  event.

Ken Langham takes 'Going Green' downtrack with electric power, during the Bonham Heritage Day pull.

Mason Hovind debuts in the LSGTPA Youth Class, and scores a victory.
John Aufdenkamp pilots 'Three of a Kind' downtrack in Bonham.

Jerry Toland and 'Shinin Time' at work in Bonham.

"Buzzards Roost' taking the LSGTPA sled downtrack in Bonham.

Making noise in Bonham with the 'Varooom' machine of James Moody.

'Overtime' pulling the sled downtrack, during the Bonham Heritage Day tractor pull.

Sarah Moody and her '99% Moody' John Deere in Bonham.

Morgan Dello and Bailey Melvin perform in Bonham, during the Bonham Heritage Day Celebration.