Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Blue Ridge, Texas was established in 1876, on land provided to Matthis Mowry by the Republic of Texas, for his services during the Texas Revolution.  The town was named for the blue flowering grass in the area.  The Greenville and Whitewright Northern Traction Company provided rail service through Blue Ridge, and served the farmers in the Blackland Prairie community.  Blue Ridge is home to the Blue Ridge Tigers, Cattleman's Cafe, and the Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull.

The Lone Star Garden Tractor Pulling Association teams rolled into Blue Ridge, for two rounds of LSGTPA tractor pulling action.  The event was contested on a 200 foot track, with just enough moisture from area rains to provide a sticky blackland surface for pulling.  The track tested many machines throughout the night, and found a few weak links in tractor drivetrains before the end of the event.

The LSGTPA Youth Class competitors opened the show, with Lane Duncan taking the win aboard his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor.  Jared Stephan piloted his 'Iron Head' entry to the runnerup position, with sister Kimberlee Stephan scoring a third place finish for the Moody Pulling Team.  Tatom Robinson placed fourth, aboard the Mean Green Pulling Team 'Yes Deere' tractor, and would pull to a fifth place finish aboard the Bonham Service Center entry.  Lane Duncan would score a sixth place finish aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' machine, with Tatom Robinson placing his 'Little Digger' tractor in seventh place.
Kimberlee Stephan wheels 'Iron Head' downtrack during LSGTPA Youth Class competition.

In Stock Class competition, Claude Lewis would pull to the victory, with Jimmy Helferich scoring the runnerup position.  James Helferich would place third in the class, with Steve McCarley pulling to a fourth place finish.  In Hot Stock Class, John Aufdenkamp would pull to the win, aboard his 'Rusteze' tractor.  Kody Langham would place second, for the Longhorn Express Pulling Team.  Steve Hovind pulled to a third place podium finish aboard his 'Yes Deere' entry, with Jimmy Helferich posting a fourth place finish.  
Steve Hovind pilots 'Yes Deere' downtrack during the Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull.

In Stock Diesel Class competition, Patrick Bramlett would take the title, aboard his great looking 'Warthog' tractor.  Steve Hovind would score a second place finish, aboard his Mean Green Pulling Team 'Buckshot' machine.  Jeff Robinson would pull to a third place finish, with James Helferich scoring a fourth place finish in the field.  In Big Stock Class, Jerry Toland would use a Full Pull to take the top spot, aboard his 'Triple Deuce' tractor.  Kolby Langham piloted his 'Texas Thunder' tractor to the runnerup spot, for the Longhorn Express Pulling Team.  Patrick Bramlett scored a third place finish aboard his 'Amuck' tractor, with John Aufdenkamp taking fourth place for the Outlaw Pulling Team.  Jimmy Helferich suffered a broken axle on the sticky track, limiting the team to a fifth place finish.  
Patrick Bramlett wheels his 'Amuck' machine downtrack, during the LSGTPA event in Blue Ridge, Texas.

In Stock Altered Class, Michael Mayberry would score the win, aboard his 'Pulling For Peanuts' tractor.  Mayberry's high-winding, alcohol fueled machine would use a Full Pull in the second round, to secure the win.  In Super Stock Class, it would be John Aufdenkamp aboard his alcohol burning  'Under The Influence' tractor, taking the class title.  Aufdenkamp would also use a Full Pull in the second round, to secure his victory in the class.  
John Aufdenkamp pilots his 'Under The Influence' tractor to a win in Super Stock Class competition.

In Big Bike Class competition, Colby Crowe would use a clutch burning performance to secure the win on the sticky track.   In Outlaw Class, Colby Crowe would double up with the win aboard his wounded entry.  Steve Pierce would also suffer clutch issues on the sticky track, in scoring his runnerup finish aboard the 'Buzzards Roost' tractor.  
David Houchen finishes a pull aboard his 'Back In The Day' tractor at Blue Ridge.

The action heated up with some wild performances in the Mini Rod Class, as Jerry Toland wheeled his fuel injected  'Shinin Time' tractor to the victory.  David Houchen piloted his 'Back In The Day' tractor to the runnerup finish.  Sarah Crowe used her turbocharged diesel tractor '99% Moody', to score a third place podium finish.  Colby Crowe's wild 'Weekend Warrior' tractor suffered a broken transmission input shaft in the first round, which he repaired to return to the second round, to score the fourth place finish in the field.  
Jerry Toland wheels his 'Shinin Time' tractor to a win in Blue Ridge, during LSGTPA competition.

The Super Rod Class tractors closed the show, with Ken Langham piloting his strong running 'Psycho' tractor to the victory, for the Longhorn Express Pulling Team.  Steve McCarley used two good pulls, to place his 'Scat Cat' tractor in the runnerup position.  Randell Moody took the 'Ridge Runner' tractor out of bounds on a wild final pass, scoring a third place podium finish on the night.
Ken Langham prepares to launch 'Psycho', to a winning pull at the Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull.

The LSGTPA teams will make repairs and preparations for the next event, and will be returning to the North Texas area on October 1st, for the Old Time Saturday event in Farmersville.  Visit www.lsgtpa.com for the full event schedule.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The Bill Halter Memorial Pull in Blue Ridge, Texas has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 27 at 6pm !  Mark your calendars !!!