Thursday, April 17, 2014


The LSGTPA tractor pulling teams are preparing for the Hunt County Fair Tractor Pull, set to open the fair week on April 25 and 26 in Greenville Texas.  The only LSGTPA double-header event scheduled for 2014, the Friday and Saturday night shows expect to see tractor pulling teams from across the state competing for the titles in each of ten classes.  Each nights event will begin at 6pm, with opening ceremonies to include the National Anthem performance by Bailey Melvin.
LSGTPA Tractor Pulling Action Opens Fair Week on April 25 and 26 in Greenville, Texas

John Aufdenkamp and his triple engine 'Three of a Kind' tractor will be competing at the LSGTPA event during the Hunt County Fair in Greenville.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Delta County Fair Tractor Pull Results

The Delta County Fair and Jr. Livestock Show of 2014, played host to the Lone Star Garden Tractor Pulling Association season opener at the Cooper City Park.  The brand new Delta County Fair Pulling Track was prepared and maintained during the event, by Rocky Young Construction.  Excellent weather and a great crowd, provided for an awesome inaugural event to start the 2014 LSGTPA pulling season.  Cooper High School Band drum major, Micalyn Rowe, presented an outstanding National Anthem performance during opening ceremonies to start the event. 
Micalyn Rowe performs the National Anthem at the Delta County Fair Tractor Pull

The LSGTPA Youth Class tractors were the first to take to the new track, with Jared Stephan scoring the win aboard the 'Outlaw Pulling Team' machine.  Mason Hovind pulled his 'Yes Deere' tractor to the runnerup position, with Cassidy Bramlett placing third aboard her 'Nacho' tractor.  Lane Duncan piloted his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor from Enloe, to a fourth place finish.  Kody Langham placed his BSC entry in the top five, followed by Jared Stephan aboard the 'Moody Pulling' , John Deere tractor.  Kody Langham returned with his second Bonham Service Center tractor, to round out the tough field of  Youth Class tractors. 
Lane Duncan's 'Texas T-Rex' was the first tractor to pull at the Delta County Fair Pulling Track in Cooper, Texas.

In Stock, Aidan Hovind placed the 'Outlaw Pulling Team' entry atop the field, with Steve McCarley scoring the runnerup.  Aidan Hovind placed his 'Yes Deere' machine in the third place, with Claude Lewis pulling to a fourth place finish.  The Stock Diesel class featured two Full Pulls, resulting in a Ken Langham Jr. win, with Steve Hovind placing the 'Mean Green Pulling Team' entry in the runnerup spot. 
Mason Hovine pilots his 'Yes Deere' entry at the Delta County Fair Tractor Pull in Cooper, Texas.

Jared Stephan wheels the 'Outlaw Pulling Team' tractor to a win at the Delta County Fair Tractor Pull.

John Aufdenkamp pulls out the win at the Delta County Fair Tractor Pull. 

Big Stock featured another 'Outlaw Pulling Team' entry pacing the field, as John Aufdenkamp drove to the victory.  Alex Jesko used a Full Pull on the 200' track, to score the runnerup spot aboard the 'Overtime' tractor, just three feet behind the leader.  Patrick Bramlett placed his 'A-Muck' tractor in the top three, with Ken Langham Sr. placing fourth aboard the 'Texas Thunder' machine.  Jerry Toland scored a top five finish aboard his 'Triple Deuce' tractor.  Alton Degner placed his ' It'll Do '  tractor in sixth place with Danny Hogan of Wolf City rounding out the field aboard his 'GranDannys Tractor' machine. 
Patrick Bramlett runs his 'A-Muck' tractor down the Delta County Fair Pulling Track at Cooper City Park.
Alton Degner and 'It'll Do' getting it done at the Cooper City Park during the LSGTPA tractor pull.

Ken Langham Jr, pulls to a victory in the Stock Diesel Class at the Delta County Fair Tractor Pull.
Steve Hovind holds onto the 'Mean Green Pulling' diesel tractor during the LSGTPA season opener in Cooper.

Stock Altered tractors were led by the entry of John Aufdenkamp, with Alex Jesko placing second aboard his  'Outlaw' tractor. Ken Langham Sr. scored the third place podium finish.    The Motorcycle Class saw Steve Pierce aboard 'Buzzards Roost' pulling to the victory, with the beautiful 'Allis Chalmers' entry of Paul Smith pulling to second place.  Todd Hickerson pulled to a third place finish.    The Outlaw Class scoring resulted in John Aufdenkamp taking the win aboard his 'Three of a Kind' triple engine tractor, over Paul Smith and Todd Hickerson. 
'Blackfoot Squaw' takes driver Donny Mayo on a ride at the Delta County Fair Tractor Pull.

'Shinin Time', with Jerry Toland hanging on, pulls to the victory at the Delta County Fair Tractor Pull.

The Mini Rod Class featured the 'Shinin Time' entry of Jerry Toland taking the win, with Colby Crowe and the 'Weekend Warrior' tractor pulling to the second place position.  David Houchen, aboard his 'Back In The Day' entry, placed third, over Sarah Moody and her '99% Moody' turbocharged diesel tractor.     The wild and entertaining Super Rod tractors closed the show, with Ken Langham taking the victory aboard the new Bonham Servce Center tractor.  John Kiemele placed the 'Dodge This' machine in second place, just nine inches behind the leader !  Donny Mayo pulled to a third place finish, aboard his 'Blackfoot Squaw' machine.  Randall Moody piloted the 'Ridge Runner' tractor to a fourth place finish, in a tight field of Super Rods. 
John Kiemele pilots the 'Dodge This' machine at Cooper, Texas during the LSGTPA Delta County Fair Tractor Pull.

The Delta County Fair Tractor Pull of 2014 proved to be an awesome opening day for the LSGTPA, and a great show for the pulling fans in attendance.  The LSGTPA teams will be preparing for the next events, which will include a double header at the Hunt County Fair on April 25th and 26th in Greenville, and then on to the Bonham Heritage Days Pull on May 3rd at Powder Creek Park in Bonham.

We would like to thank all of the volunteers who worked to organize and help prepare for the Delta County Fair Tractor Pull !  Rocky Young Construction worked to prepare and maintain the track, taking a very rough looking field and transforming it into a very nice pulling surface.  Chamber of  Commerce representative Gracie Young worked to help promote and organize the event. Whitley Speight assisted with coordinating.  Richard Duncan and the Enloe Museum presented the Youth Class awards, and Micalyn Rowe delivered a great National Anthem to start the show.   Thank you to these, and to all of the folks helping to bring about his Inaugural event !

Friday, April 4, 2014


LSGTPA tractor pulling teams are preparing for the 2014 season debut on April 12, at the Delta County Fair Tractor Pull.  Opening ceremonies will commence at 2pm on Saturday, with the National Anthem presentation by Cooper High School drum major Micalyn Rowe.

 The new Cooper City Park Pulling Track is located next to the Cooper Rodeo Arena, and has been constructed by Rocky Young Construction.  The Inaugural event will run in conjunction with the Delta County Fair and Livestock Show.

For more information on the events and activities, contact the Delta County Chamber of Commerce.

Location site for the Cooper City Park Pulling Track

Surveying the location of Cooper City Park Pulling Track for Delta County Fair Tractor Pull event.

Preparations underway for Cooper City Park Pulling Track construction.

Cooper City Park Pulling Track construction underway by Rocky Young Construction.

Cooper City Park Pulling Track to host LSGTPA 2014 Season Opening tractor pull on April 12.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

LSGTPA Teams Test and Tune at Bonham Powder Creek Park

As the 2014 LSGTPA tractor pulling season approaches, several teams took advantage of a pre-season Test and Tune event, held at the new Powder Creek Park pulling track in Bonham, Texas.  The newly constructed facility is located near the historic Powder Creek Park area, just south of downtown.  The location runs along the historic Texas & Pacific Railway tracks, that once serviced the T&P Railway Roundhouse, remnants of which are still visible just a few yards west of the pulling track.  The Fannin County Museum of History, is located just across the street from the site, housed in the Bonham T&P Depot.

The new Powder Creek Park pulling track in Bonham, is located along the historic T&P railway site.

Approximately a dozen teams attended the test session, and although the track is still under construction, found a nice surface to test the setups on their machines.  The track looks to be a great venue in a great location, and should provide for an awesome show during the Bonham Heritage Days pull scheduled for May 3rd.

Lane Duncan exercises his 'Texas T-Rex' LSGTPA Youth Class pulling tractor, at the Powder Creek Park pulling track.

Steve Hovind aboard the Mean Green Pulling Team machine on the new LSGTPA pulling track in Bonham.

Steve Pierce takes the 'Buzzards Roost' tractor downtrack at the Bonham Powder Creek Park facility.

Jared Stephan drives on the newly constructed surface of the Bonham Powder Creek Park track.

The LSGTPA Youth Class drivers found a break in the action, and adventured to the Powder Creek Park Community Playground, just across the tracks from the pulling track.  Volunteers recently constructed the playground and have provided an excellent facility for children visiting the park.

Youth Class tractor pullers enjoy the Powder Creek Park Community Playground in Bonham.

Powder Creek Park in Bonham, Texas.

Monday, March 3, 2014

LSGTPA 2014 Event Schedule Released

The LSGTPA 2014 Event Schedule is progressing !  Beginning with the Season Opener in Cooper, Texas, the pulling teams look to be scheduled for about a dozen events, so far.

2014 LSGTPA Pulling Schedule

3-22-14    Test N Tune - Bonham, Texas  (rain date 3/29)
4-12-14    Delta County Fair and Livestock Show Pull - Cooper, Texas     2PM
4-25-14    Hunt County Fair Pull - Greenville, Texas                                  6PM
4-26-14    Hunt County Fair Pull - Greenville, Texas                                  6PM
5-3-14      Bonham Heritage Days - Bonham, Texas
5-31-14    Omaha LSGTPA Pull - Omaha, Texas
8-9-14      Deleon Peach and Melon Fesitval Pull  - DeLeon, Texas
8-23-14    Bill Halter Memorial Pull - Blue Ridge, Texas
9-20-14    Old Town Festival  - Bartlett, Texas
9-27-14    Johnson County Antique Tractor Club Pull - Alvarado, Texas
10-4-14    Old Time Saturday - Farmersville, Texas
10-18-14   Rockdale Fair and Rodeo - Rockdale, Texas

Visit the website, for event information, maps and specifics.

See ya'll at the tracks !

Monday, February 24, 2014


The 2014 LSGTPA pulling season will debut with an inaugural event in Cooper, Texas.  The first pull of the year, will be the first pulling event  for the town in north Texas, and event organizers are hoping for a great turnout.  The pull will be held in conjunction with the Delta County Fair and Livestock Show, and will be located at the Cooper City Park grounds.  A 200' pulling track is being prepared for the event, thanks to Rocky Young Construction. Event organizers plan to have the livestock show at the Cooper Rodeo Arena, Saturday morning of the event.  Activities will also include vendors throughout the park, and live music.  The LSGTPA Tractor Pull will begin at 2pm, April 12th.

LSGTPA pullers Lane Duncan and Richard Duncan, survey the Cooper City Park Pulling Track with Rocky Young.

Site of the Cooper City Park Pulling Track for the Delta County Fair event.

Monday, February 10, 2014

LSGTPA 2014 Tractor Pulling Season on the Horizon

LSGTPA tractor pulling teams are busy preparing their machines for the 2014 pulling season.  Arrangements are underway to confirm the 2014 pulling schedule, which looks to include a couple of new events.  Several teams are freshening their equipment, with a few new mounts expected to take to the track this year.  Look for a detailed report of off season moves, and the 2014 pulling schedule to be posted soon !

Team Mean Green will be installing a fresh bullet in the 'Yes Deere' machine for 2014.

Lane Duncan will return aboard the 'Texas T-Rex', with some chassis mods and new paint in 2014.

The Outlaw Pulling camp is hard at work on a new machine for 2014.

Garin Mason is finishing a new tractor for the Stock Class in 2014.