Monday, July 28, 2014

LSGTPA Tractor Pulling Teams Prepare for De Leon Peach and Melon Festival Pull

The LSGTPA tractor pulling teams are preparing for the upcoming DeLeon Peach and Melon Festival pull, scheduled for Saturday, August 9.  The action will commence at 11am, with our National Anthem presentation by Paige Williams, during opening ceremonies.  The track is located, at 195 W. Almante Avenue (DeLeon, Tx 76444).  

Several teams have used the two month break in the summer schedule, to make changes and improvements on their tractors.  Among those teams working during the break, are the crew of the Mean Green Pulling Team.  These guys have taken their tractor completely apart, for a mid-season rebuild, and will be looking to make a great return at the DeLeon Peach and Melon Festival event !

The LSGTPA 2014 Schedule is loaded with fast and furious pulling action, during the second half of the year.  The remaining schedule will include two pulls in August, and will close out with a five-in-a-row marathon, of back to back pulling action in September and October !

For more information on the LSGTPA event at Deleon, visit the LSGTPA website at:

DeLeon LSGTPA Event

2014 Events Remaining:

August 9       DeLeon Peach and Melon Festival         DeLeon, Texas
August 23     Bill Halter Memorial Pull                        Blue Ridge, Texas
Sept. 20       Old Town Festival Pull                           Bartlett, Texas
Sept. 27       Johnson County Antigue Tractor Show   Alvarado, Texas
Oct. 4          Old Time Saturday Tractor Pull              Farmersville, Texas
Oct. 11        Wills Point Tractor Pull                          Wills Point, Texas
Oct. 18         Rockdale Fair and Rode Pull                 Rockdale, Texas

Make sure to mark your calendars for the events near you !!!

Monday, July 14, 2014


The LSGTPA Youth Class has been featured on the Chevy Hometown Kids program, airing on Fox Sports Southwest.  The original program ran after filming at the Hunt County Fair event, in Greenville Texas.  Since then, the show continues to air, as part of a 'Best of Chevy Hometown Kids' series.

The program star and host, Emily Reppert, shares stories of youth sports events in the southwest United States.

The program has also been released on the Chevy Hometown Kids 'youtube' channel, and can be viewed at the following link !

Chevy Hometown Kids LSGTPA Youth Class Feature

Check out the program each week on Saturday mornings, and on Monday and Tuesday evenings !

Chevy Hometown Kids host Emily Reppert, with the LSGTPA Youth Class in Greenville.

Monday, July 7, 2014

LSGTPA Pullers Prepare for Peach and Melon Festival at De Leon

LSGTPA tractor pulling teams are preparing for the next event on the 2014 pulling schedule, which will be held in conjunction with the De Leon Peach and Melon Festival, in De Leon Texas.  The year will mark the 100th anniversary for the De Leon Peach and Melon Festival event, and the LSGTPA pulling action will be a feature event on Saturday, August 9th.

This years event will take place downtown De Leon, at 195 W. Almante Avenue.  The event is  scheduled for an 11am start, with our National Anthem presentation by Paige Williams.  Teams from throughout the state will converge on downtown De Leon, to battle for the title in ten classes.

Check out some of the interesting links, on the history of De Leon and the Festival.     DeLeon History  DeLeon Festival Information

Visit the DeLeon Peach Melon facebook page for daily updates on the festival  DeLeon Peach Melon facebook

For a map and event details, visit the LSGTPA events page at  LSGTPA

Visit the Texas Truck and Tractor Pulling Association page at  TTTPA
Visit the Outlaw Pulling web page at OTTPA

Friday, May 16, 2014


Tune in to the Saturday, May 17, episode of Chevy Hometown Kids on Fox Sports Southwest !  This episode will feature the LSGTPA Youth Class from the Hunt County Fair event in Greenville, Texas !

May 17
Brand New Episode!

A brand new episode of Chevy Hometown Kids airs tomorrow, and boy do we have a lot of action in store for you!

We’re kicking things off at a tractor pull in Greenville, Texas, working on our swing with LPGA pros at the North Texas Shootout, improving our basketball game with the XrossOver method, and discovering an adaptive sport pushing athletes to new limits at the “No Excuses Throwdown” event.

Learn more about Chevy Hometown Kids at :

chevy hometown kids logo
Chevy Hometown Kids with host Emily Reppert filmed the Hunt County Fair event, and interviewed Youth Class drivers for an episode of their youth sports show.  The coverage is aired on Fox Sports Southwest. Check out your local listings for show times.  (Saturday 10am, May 17)  (Repeats Monday, May 19 at 4:30 pm CST and Tuesday, May 20 at 4:00pm CST)

UPDATE **************************************************
Chevy Hometown Kids / LSGTPA Youth Class Episode

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bonham Heritage Day Tractor Pull Results from Powder Creek Park

Bonham Heritage Day LSGTPA Tractor Pull Results

When it comes to history, Bonham, Texas is one of the richest towns in the state.  The town originated with the construction of Fort Inglish, by settlers in 1837.  The settlement was originally named Bois d'Arc, as land along Bois d'Arc creek was selected as the townsite.  Bois d'Arc was renamed Bonham in 1844, in honor of James B. Bonham, who was one of the defenders at the Alamo.  By 1873, Bonham had became a division point on the Texas and Pacific Railroad, and through the early 1900's was indeed a center for railroad activity.  Among the historical sites in Bonham, the Bonham Depot still remains, and houses the Fannin County Historical Museum.  The Texas and Pacific tracks still remain, and pass along the banks of Powder Creek, near Powder Creek Park and the site of the historic Texas and Pacific Roundhouse.  As such an historic railway stop, it was certainly an honor for the Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association, to be able to include this site as the third stop on the 2014 tractor pulling season. 
Grace Johnson of the Bonham High School Chorale, performed the National Anthem for the LSGTPA pull in Bonham.

Held in conjunction with the 8th Annual Heritage Day Celebration, the LSGTPA event was to be conducted along side the storied T&P railroad, just a short distance from the Bonham Depot and the T&P Roundhouse.  The newly constructed pulling track, was well packed and in great shape for the pull.  Located just across from the scenic Powder Creek Park, the venue provided a great setting for the LSGTPA tractor pulling teams and easy access for the fans. 
Jared Stephan finds plenty of traction at the Powder Creek Park Pulling Track in Bonham.

Bonham High School Chorale representative Grace Johnson, presented an awesome performance of our National Anthem, during opening ceremonies, to start the show.  The Youth Class competitors then took to the new track, with Jared Stephan taking the win aboard his Outlaw Pulling Team sponsored 'Rusteze' entry.  Magan Baird and Jared Stephan pulled to the second and third places, sharing driving duties aboard the 'Iron Head' tractor.  Cassidy Bramlett piloted her 'Nacho' tractor to fourth, while Lane Duncan and his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor managed a top five finish.  Mason Hovind placed 'Yes Deere' in sixth, followed by Kody Langham aboard his Bonham Service Center machine. 
Lane Duncan had his 'Texas T-Rex' hooked up during the Bonham Heritage Day Tractor Pull.

In Stock Class, Aidan Hovind pulled out the win, aboard the 'Rusteze' tractor.  Claude Lewis scored the runnerup, with Aidan Hovind placing his 'Yes Deere' tractor in third.  Kolby Langham rounded out the field, aboard his BSC entry.  Stock Diesel was a tight battle, with Steve Hovind hanging on to win over Ken Langham, Jr.  In Big Stock, Alex Jesko used a Full Pull to score the victory, with Patrick Bramlett scoring the runnerup aboard 'A-Muck'.  Shawn Aufdenkamp pulled to third place, with Alton Degner and Jerry Toland scoring top five finishes.  Kolby Langham piloted 'Texas Thunder' to sixth place.  Stock Altered tractors saw John Aufdenkamp taking the win, with Alex Jesko and Ken Langham Sr. pulling to second and third places.
Todd Hickerson heads downtrack, during the Bonham Heritage Day Tractor Pull at Powder Creek Park.

In the Motorcycle Class, Steve Pierce piloted 'Buzzards Roost' to the top spot, with Paul Smith riding his 'Texan' to the runnerup.  Todd Hickerson pulled to a third place finish.  Paul Smith returned with his 'Texan' tractor, to take the win in the Outlaw Class, while Todd Hickerson finished second, and John Aufdenkamp pulled to a third place finish aboard his 'Three of a Kind' triple engine tractor.  The wild Mini Rod Class tractors put on a great show, recording multiple Full Pulls on the two hundred foot track.  Sarah Moody emerged the winner, aboard her '99% Moody' tractor.  David Houchen drove 'Back In The Day' to the runnerup position, and Jerry Toland wheeled his 'Shinin Time' tractor to third.  Colby Crowe hung onto his 'Weekend Warrior' tractor, to score a fourth place finish.  The Super Rod Class tractors closed the show, with Randell Moody taking the win aboard 'Ridge Runner', by a margin of just six feet, over John Kiemele aboard his 'Dodge This' tractor.  Ken Langham, Sr. scored a third place finish, with the new Bonham Service Center tractor. 
Randell Moody takes the 'Ridge Runner' to a win at Bonham.

The LSGTPA tractor pulling teams will now be preparing for the next event, and will be looking forward to a 2015 return to Bonham.  The Youth Class competitors especially enjoyed the event, which provided an excursion to the newly constructed Powder Creek Park Playground !  Visit the web page for upcoming event information
Grace Johnson visits with Lane Duncan, after her National Anthem presentation during Bonham Heritage Day.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Bonham Heritage Days Celebration with LSGTPA at Powder Creek Park

The Bonham Heritage Days Celebration activities will feature the LSGTPA tractor pulling teams, during the Saturday event on May 3rd.  The opening ceremonies are scheduled for a 3pm start, and will commence with our National Anthem presentation by Grace Johnson, of the Bonham High School Chorale.  The pulling teams will compete on the brand new Powder Creek Park Pulling Track, across from the Bonham Depot and along side the historic railway next to Powder Creek Park.

Come spend the day in Bonham, Texas on May 3rd !!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hunt County Fair LSGTPA Tractor Pull Provides Exciting Opening Event


The need for a better traveling surface in Texas, prompted the construction of the Central National Road in 1844.  The route provided for traffic from the Red River to the Trinity River, and brought settlers to the Hunt County area and to Greenville.  By 1898, the first Hunt County Fair had been organized and in 1967 relocated to its current home near the site of the historic Majors Army Airfield.  The need for a good tractor pulling surface in Texas, prompted the partnership of the Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association with the Hunt County Fair in 2002, and has resulted in a cooperative effort that provides for a great show each year, held in conjunction with the Hunt County Fair.  The 2014 Hunt County Fair tractor pull, was certainly one for the books, as the only double header on the LSGTPA schedule was certainly entertaining !
Bailey Melvin performs the National Anthem during the Hunt County Fair Tractor Pull.

Great weather rewarded the fairs decision on an earlier start for 2014, and provided for awesome conditions for opening weekend.  Bailey Melvin opened the LSGTPA show, with an outstanding performance of our National Anthem.  The Youth Class took center stage during the Friday night opener, as the 'Chevy Hometown Kids' television crew were onhand to film and conduct interviews during the competition.  The show, starring host Emily Reppert, highlights youth sporting events and airs on Fox Sports Southwest.  Reppert and crew, covered the activities of the Youth Class competitors during the evening event. 
Emily Reppert, host of 'Chevy Hometown Kids', receives an honorary trophy from the Youth Class.

Leading the pack, was the 'Rust-eze' entry of Korben Colley-Greer, scoring the win.  Jared Stephan drove his 'Iron Head' tractor to the runnerup spot, while Lane Duncan piloted the 'Texas T-Rex' to the third place.  Kody Langham placed his Bonham Service Center tractor in fourth, and Mason Hovind pulled to a top five finish aboard the 'Yes Deere' tractor, during the Youth Class prime time performance. 
Korben Colley-Greer takes his 'Rust-eze' tractor down the Hunt County Fair pulling track in Greenville.

The Stock Class was won by Shawn Aufdenkamp, followed by Kolby Langham in the runnerup position.  Claude Lewis turned in a top three performance, while Aidan Hovind place the 'Yes Deere' tractor in the fourth position.  In Stock Diesel, Steve Hovind used a Full Pull to record the win, over Ken Langham Jr, and Kieth Pope.  Big Stock tractors were paced by Shawn Aufdenkamp, in a very close battle.  Alex Jesko scored the runnerup aboard his 'Overtime' entry and Jerry Toland placed the 'Triple Deuce' tractor in the top three.  Kolby Langham rounded out the field, aboard the 'Texas Thunder' machine. 
Kody Langham hangs on to his Bonham Service Center tractor at the Hunt County Fair tractor pull.

Stock Altered fans witnessed another close battle, as Alex Jesko emerged with the victory aboard 'Outlaw'.  John Aufdenkamp placed second and Ken Langham Sr. scored a top three finish.  Michael Mayberry placed the 'Pulling for Peanuts' tractor in the fourth spot.  In the Motorcycle Class, Paul Smith rode his 'Texan' tractor to the victory.  Steve Pierce piloted his 'Buzzards Roost' entry to the second place spot, while Todd Hickerson recorded a top three finish.  In the Mini Rod Class, the competitors were holding nothing back, as the class recorded four Full Pulls before David Houchen emerged as the winner aboard 'Back In The Day'.  Colby Crowe powered his 'Weekend Warrior' machine to the runnerup, and Jerry Toland placed 'Shinin Time' in the top three.  Sara Moody rolled coal to the fourth place spot, aboard her turbocharged diesel entry, and Tommy Kimmons placed his tractor in the top five. 
Kolby Langham launches 'Texas Thunder' downtrack at the Hunt County Fair pull.

The Super Rod tractors closed Friday nights show, with a Ken Langham Sr. victory.  John Kiemele pulled to second, aboard the 'Dodge This' entry, followed by Donny Mayo aboard 'Blackfoot Squaw' and Randell Moody aboard 'Ridge Runner'
'Ridge Runner' roars downtrack, piloted by Randell Moody, at the Hunt County Fair.

During Saturday night action,  in the Youth Class, Jared Stephan placed his 'Iron Head' entry in the lead.  Mason Hovind pulled to the runnerup aboard 'Yes Deere', and Korben Colley-Greer placed 'Rust-eze' in third.  Lane Duncan piloted his 'Texas T-Rex' to the fourth place position, and Kody Langham pulled to a top five finish.  In Stock, Aidan Hovind pulled to victory with Claude Lewis scoring second.  Kolby Langham rode to a third place finish ahead of Aidan Hovind in fourth.  Stock Diesel action, produced a win for Ken Langham, Jr. and a runnerup for Steve Hovind.  Local favorite Keith Pope finished in third.  In Big Stock, Kolby Langham pulled out the win, just ahead of Alex Jesko and the 'Overtime' tractor.  Jerry Toland placed the 'Triple Deuce' in third, just ahead of Shawn Aufdenkamp.  Stock Altered pilots witnessed a repeat win by Alex Jesko aboard the 'Outlaw' tractor, with Ken Langham Sr. scoring the runnerup.  John Aufdenkamp pulled to the third position, with Michael Mayberry and the 'Pulling for Peanuts' entry placing fourth. 

The Motorcycle class action, sorted out with Steve Pierce and 'Buzzards Roost' scoring the win.  Todd Hickerson pulled to a runnerup, and Paul Smith pulled to third aboard his 'Texan' tractor.  Paul Smith would return to pull in the Outlaw Class, and used a Full Pull to score the win aboard the 'Texan'.  Todd Hickerson also pulled double duty, scoring the runnerup in the Outlaw Class.  John Aufdenkamp placed his 'Three of a Kind' entry in third. 
Paul Smith pilots his 'Texan' entry downtrack in front of the Hunt County Fair crowd.

While the Youth Class stole the show on Friday night, Saturday night may well be designated the Colby Crowe show.  Crowe competes in the Mini Rod class with his 'Weekend Warrior' entry.  His girlfriend, Sarah Moody, also competes in the class with her turbocharged diesel '99% Moody' machine.  On this night, Crowe pulled first, scoring a 179.30 foot pull.  Crowe exited the top end of the track and awaited Moody, as is normal for the pair, often assisting each other.  This time, however, Crowe had special plans.  As Moody began her pull, Crowe produced a small box, took a knee on the finish line, and awaited Moody.  Moody scored a 173.43 foot pull, before realizing Crowe and his proposal activities on the track.  The packed stands went wild with cheers and even a few tears, as Sarah accepted Colby's ring in front of the crowd.  The pair then left together to prepare their tractors for the next round, and prepare their plans for the next chapter of their lives.  We certainly wish them well  !
She said yes !  Sarah Moody accepts a proposal from Colby Crowe, as the Hunt Count Fair crowd cheers !

Jerry Toland would go on to win the Mini Rod Class, aboard 'Shinin Time', with Tommy Kimmons scoring the runnerup postion.   The newly engaged Colby Crowe 'Weekend Warrior' and Sarah Moody '99% Moody' combo would finish third and fourth.  David Houchen took the 'Back In The Day' tractor to a top five finish.  The Super Rod Class tractors would close the show, with Ken Langham Sr. pulling to a win over John Kiemele and the 'Dodge This' machine.  Randell Moody and 'Ridge Runner' placed third, with Donny Mayo and the 'Blackfoot Squaw' tractor pulling to fourth. 

The teams will ready for the next pull on Saturday May 3rd, at the newly constructed Powder Creek Park Pulling Track in Bonham.. The event will be held in conjunction with the Bonham Heritage Day celebration, and is scheduled for a 3pm start.  
Rising star Bailey Melvin, performs the National Anthem at the Hunt County Fair LSGTPA Tractor Pull. 
Emily Reppert talks tractors, with the Youth Class drivers for an upcoming episode of Chevy Hometown Kids.

Crawford Smith had equipment on display, during the Hunt County Fair tractor pull.

Crawford Smith performed track maintenance during the LSGTPA event at the Hunt County Fair.