Friday, July 28, 2017

LSGTPA Lindsay Truck & Tractor Pull Results

LSGTPA Results from Lindsay Truck & Tractor Pull

The railroad switching station of Lindsay, Texas was founded in 1891, and named for Judge J.M. Lindsay.  Early colonists and farmers of the area in Cooke County, would be served by the MKT railroad and the Butterfield Overland Stage route.  In 2017, Lindsay would be home to the sixth stop on the LSGTPA 2017 Championship series route, and would feature a double header weekend of tractor pulling action.  Contested on two tracks over the course of two nights, Lindsay pulling fans would be treated to LSGTPA and TTTPA tractor pulling on both Friday and Saturday nights. 

Friday night action would kickoff with the LSGTPA Youth Class competitors taking to the 200 foot track first, with Rinn Mayberry taking the win.  Lane Duncan would wheel his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor into the runnerup position, with Tatom Robinson finishing third on his 'Lil Digger' entry.  Cody Doyle would place fourth, with Tatom Robinson pulling to fifth aboard the 'Yes Deere' tractor.  Lane Duncan would post a sixth place finish aboard his 'Twisted Kitty' machine, with Jared Stephan pulling to a seventh place finish with his 'Iron Head' machine.  Kayden Wilbur and Seth Wilbur would make their pulling debut, aboard their 'Ugly Duckling' tractor, and would post eighth and ninth place scorings.  Noah Moody would make his pulling debut in the LSGTPA Youth Class, to round out the top ten competitors.

In Stock Class competition, Claude Lewis would pilot his 'Old Yeller' entry to the top spot, with Kody Langham posting a runnerup finish aboard his Longhorn Express Pulling Team entry.  In Hot Stock, Madison Pellerin would wheel her awesome looking 'Instigator' entry into the top spot in the class.  Kody Langham would post a second place podium finish for the Bonham Service Center team, and Aidan Hovind would post a top three finish for the Mean Green Pulling Team camp. 

In Stock Diesel Class, Ken Langham Jr. would take the top spot for the Longhorn Express Pulling Team.  Aidan Hovind would wheel his 'Buck Shot' tractor into the runnerup spot, with Patrick Bramlett pulling to a third place podium finish aboard his 'Warthog' machine.  In Big Stock action, Jerry Toland would work his way into the top spot aboard his 'Triple Deuce' machine.  Jeff Robinson would place second in the field, with Gary Bramlett posting a top three finish aboard his 'A Muck' entry. 

Stock Altered action would see Ralph Lauffer of Colorado taking the victory, with Michael Mayberry scoring a runnerup finish aboard his 'Pulling For Peanuts' entry.  Ralph Lauffer would post a third and fourth place finish with his fleet of Colorado based tractors.  In Outlaw Class, Steve Pierce would take the win aboard his 'Buzzards Roost' machine.  Paul Smith would pull to a runnerup finish aboard his 'Texan' tractor, with Steve Hovind wheeling his 'Bad Idea' entry to a third place podium finish. 

In Super Stock Class, Ralph Lauffer would occupy the podium with his fleet of three Colorado based tractors, with his 'Blue Bayou' entry taking the win.  In Mini Rod Class action, Jerry Toland would take the victory aboard his beautiful 'Shinin Time' tractor.  Colby Crowe would work his 'Weekend Warrior' tractor to a runnerup finish in the class, with David Houchen posting a third place finish aboard his 'Back In The Day' machine.  Sarah Crowe would steer her turbocharged '99% Moody' tractor to a fourth place finish on the night. 

Super Rod Class tractors would close the show, with Ken Langham taking the win aboard his new 'Sneaky Snake' tractor in a class pull off, posting two Full Pulls in the opening rounds.  Ken Langham Sr. would score the runnerup finish, aboard his 'Psycho' machine, taking the top two spots for the Longhorn Express Pulling Team.  Randell Moody would pilot his 'Ridge Runner' machine to a third place podium finish, with John Kiemele rolling to a fourth place finish aboard his 'Dodge This' tractor.  Tommy Kimmons would place his 'Fired Up' machine in the top five for the night.

After fireworks and concerts ended the Friday night show, the pullers would return on Saturday for round two of the double header.  The LSGTPA Youth Class competitors would again open the show, with Tatom Robinson taking the victory aboard his 'Lil Digger' machine.  Cody Doyle would pull to the runnerup spot, with Rinn Mayberry scoring third.  Jared Stephan would post a fourth place finish aboard his 'Iron Head' machine, with Kaden Wilbur scoring a top five finish.  Lane Duncan would pilot his 'Texas T-Rex' entry into the sixth place position, with Seth Wilbur taking seventh in the field.  Lane Duncan and his 'Twisted Kitty' would occupy the eight spot, with  Noah Moody pulling to ninth place.  Tatom Robinson would post a top ten finish in the tough field of youth class pullers, with his 'Yes Deere' entry.

In Stock Class, Kody Langham would take the victory aboard his Longhorn Express Pulling Team entry, over the 'Old Yeller' machine of Claude Lewis.  In Hot Stock Class, Madison Pellerin would double up with another victory, aboard her 'Instigator' tractor to sweep the class for the weekend.  Aidan Hovind would post a runnerup finish aboard the 'Yes Deere' machine.    In Stock Diesel, Patrick Bramlett would score the win aboard his show caliber 'Warthog' tractor.  Aidan Hovind would roll coal aboard his 'Buck Shot' tractor, to take the runnerup position.  Ken Langham would score a top three finish aboard his Bonham Service Center machine. 

In Big Stock Class, Jerry Toland would take the class title with his 'Triple Deuce' entry.  Jeff Robinson would score the runnerup, with Gary Bramlett taking a third place finish after a wild ride out of bounds in the opening round, resulted in a disqualification.  In Stock Altered Class, Ralph Lauffer would take the class title, with Michael Mayberry wheeling his 'Pulling For Peanuts' tractor to a runnerup finish.  Ralph Lauffer would post third and fourth place scorings in the class, with his Colorado based team.  In Super Stock, Ralph Lauffer would sweep the top three spots, with his fleet of Colorado tractors.

In Outlaw Class, Paul Smith would stand tall in the class aboard his 'Texan' machine, taking the victory.  Steve Pierce would suffer drive train damage aboard his 'Buzzards Roost' entry, posting a runnerup finish.  In Mini Rod Class action, Jerry Toland would wheel his 'Shinin Time' machine into the top spot for the class.  Sarah Crowe would roll coal aboard her diesel powered '99% Moody' machine, to score the runnerup finish.  David Houchen would post a podium finish in third place, aboard his 'Back In The Day' entry, with the top three tractors separated by only ten feet after two rounds of pulling.  Colby Crowe would wheel his 'Weekend Warrior' tractor to a fourth place finish in the wild Mini Rod Class.

The Super Rod Class tractors closed a great weekend of tractor pulling in Lindsay, with Ken Langham, Sr. taking the top spot aboard the 'Psycho' tractor.  Swapping spots from Friday night, Ken Langham Jr. would steer the great looking 'Sneaky Snake' tractor into the runnerup spot, posting another one-two finish for the Longhorn Express Pulling Team entries.  John Kiemele would score a podium finish aboard his 'Dodge This' tractor, posting a third place finish.  Randell Moody would ride the 'Ridge Runner' to a fourth place finish, after a wild final round pass out of bounds. 

The LSGTPA pulling teams will next take the stage in Blue Ridge, Texas on August 19th, to compete at the Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull.  Visit for details.