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The Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association 2016 season has reached the end of the track, and the dust has begun to settle.  The 2016 Champions have reached the Full Pull marker, and can now prepare to celebrate the titles earned after the nine event season.

Meet the 2016 LSGTPA Class Champions

The LSGTPA Youth Class Championship title was earned by Lane Duncan, wheeling his 'Twisted Kitty' Sears Suburban 12 tractor.  Duncan would use a win at the season opening Delta County Fair & Livestock Show in Cooper, to start the season off with the points lead.  Duncan would combine three wins and three runnerup finishes to lead the pack of Youth Class drivers down the stretch.  Duncan would hold onto the lead for the title, in a very tough and talented field of young drivers.

Lane Duncan launches his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, enroute to the 2016 Youth Class Championship. 

The LSGTPA Stock Class Championship title would belong to Claude Lewis, of Ravenna, Texas.  Lewis would pilot his 'Old Yeller' Cub Cadet tractor to seven victories on the season, securing his class title in strong fashion.  Lewis utilizes a Kohler single cylinder engine in the machine.

Claude Lewis wheels 'Old Yeller' to victory and to  a 2016 Championship.

The LSGTPA Hot Stock Class Championship title would be earned by Kody Langham, of the Longhorn Express Pulling Team from Bonham.  Langham, an alumni of the Youth Class, would use Kohler power in a Cub Cadet chassis to secure four wins for the Bonham Service Center sponsored team.  Langham would use a season finale win at the last event, to lock up the 2016 championship.

Kody Langham scores a 2016 Championship for the Longhorn Express Pulling Team.

The LSGTPA Stock Diesel Class Championship title holder, would be Patrick Bramlett of Caddo Mills, Texas.  Bramlett would pilot his beautiful 'Warthog' tractor, to a six win season to take the top honors.  Bramlett's 782 Cub Cadet tractor is inspired by the USAF A-10 Warthog, and features many details of the aircraft in the custom paint and fixtures on the tractor.  The Kubota powered machine is a show quality and Autorama award winning piece.

Patrick Bramlett pilots his A-10 inspired 'Warthog' tractor to a class title in 2016.

The LSGTPA Big Stock Class Championship crown will be worn by Jerry Toland from Bryan, Texas.  Toland wheeled his 'Triple Deuce' tractor to a six win season, on his way to the 2016 championship.  Toland is a retired machinist, and the engineering on the 'Triple Deuce' machine is evidence of his meticulous attention to detail.  The tractor uses a Kohler V-Twin to provide power to Vogel tires.

Jerry Toland and his 'Triple Deuce' obtain top honors in 2016.

The LSGTPA Stock Altered Class Championship title will belong to Michael Mayberry and his high winding, alcohol burning tractor called 'Pulling For Peanuts'.  Mayberry would steer his Cub Cadet machine to four wins on the season, to lock up the 2016 class championship.

Michael Mayberry and 'Pulling For Peanuts' pull their way to a championship title in 2016.

The LSGTPA Super Stock Class Championship title would be won by John Aufdenkamp of East Tawakoni.  Aufdenkamp would use a string of four late season victories to secure the class championship, and bring the title to the Outlaw Pulling Team.  Aufdenkamp's high winding, alcohol fueled 'Under The Influence' tractor is a Cub Cadet, using custom components.

John Aufdenkamp pilots his 'Under The Influence' machine to the top spot in Super Stock Class.

The LSGTPA Outlaw Class Championship title would be taken by Paul Smith, hailing from Morgan's Point Resort, Texas.  Smith would ride his 'Texan' tractor, a custom built Wheelhorse machine, to a six win season using Suzuki horsepower.  The beautiful 'Texan' shines on the track with custom paint from J&M Collision in Temple, Texas.

Paul Smith aboard the 'Texan' rides to a 2016 Outlaw Class Championship.

The LSGTPA Mini Rod Class Championship would be a hotly contested class, with Colby Crowe winning the title bout and earning the class title at the season finale.  Crowe would pilot his 'Weekend Warrior'  International tractor, to a four win start to the season, before driveline breakage would slow the team in the midseason.  Crowe used a clutch performance at the final event in Sulphur Springs, to take the top honors and close the season with a fifth win for the Blue Ridge, Texas team.

Colby Crowe wheels his 'Weekend Warrior' to a championship title in 2016.

The LSGTPA Super Rod Class Championship title would belong to Ken Langham, Sr. of Bonham, Texas.  Langham would pilot his wild 'Psycho' tractor to a five win season to lead the class of high horsepower machines.  Always a fan favorite in the 'fuel altered' class of tractor pulling, the 'Psycho' uses Chevrolet power in a custom chassis.  The Longhorn Express Pulling Team entry would lead the league in Full Pulls for the season, on their way to the 2016 championship.

Ken Langham, Sr. and his 'Psycho' tractor score the 2016 LSGTPA Super Rod Championship title.

LSGTPA 2016 Class Champions:  Seated, Kody Langham, Lane Duncan, Claude Lewis.  Standing, Colby Crowe, Michael Mayberry, John Aufdenkamp, Ken Langham Sr., Patrick Bramlett.

Congratulations to all of the drivers and teams, on their award winning performances and championship season !!

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